Developing Explosive Power Introduction (Five Pillars)

This is the start of a multi-post series discussing the development of explosive power. The origin of this topic stems from a paper written by William J. Kraemer and Robert U. Newton (Link here).

In this paper, the idea of explosive power is comprised of five pillars. Each pillar provides its own own unique contributions to the development of explosive power. In theory, to achieve the greatest adaptations for explosive strength, each one of these pillars needs to be built up to its fullest capacity. This means that proper evaluation, measurement and assessment of each pillar needs to be done. The weakest pillar needs to emphasized and training for explosive strength should be done on a case by case basis.


Each pillar has its own unique qualities, ranging from skill acquisition and coordination to neural output and muscular cross sectional area. Each post will focus on one pilar. The posts will detail what the pilar is comprised of, how to test for it, and how to train it.






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