Training Day 1 (Explosive Strength)

Warm Up

5 minutes of active mobility (Your choice)

Target Areas

  • Ankles
  • Hips
  • Spinal Articulations
  • Single and Double Leg

5 minutes of dynamic prep

  • Walking lunge and twist
  • Low level 2 foot hops
  • Lateral lunge and step
  • Low level skips
  • Straight leg skips
  • 3 40 yard build ups 60,70, and 85%

Plyo Prep

  • 3 in place max vertical jumps (repeated jumps) x 2 (40 second rest between)
  • 3 horizontal broad jumps (repeated jumps) x 2 (40 seconds)

PAP isometric Rack Pulls 3×3-5 seconds

Rest 1-2 minutes


Rest 3 minutes (set up time for next exercise)


Front Rack, Bottoms Up Pin Squats

1-2 reps @ 75-80% (rapid force development out of the bottom)


Squat Pause Jumps (1-3 reps)


Repeated series 4-5 times with rest of 1-3 minutes between series (Heart rate should never get above 140 bpm during the series)


Goblet Squat DropsĀ  (3-4 reps) x2-4 sets

Weight should be light. Working on rapid eccentric deceleration with a slight overload.

Pair With

Band Assisted Jumps (3-4 reps) x2-4 sets

(minimal eccentric deceleration demands, fast rate of force development


Accessory Work


Agonist Antagonist Hip Flex and Ext Series

Sets 2-4 sets (8-12 reps)


Weighted Calf Raises 2-4 sets 8-12 reps

Saw Press Ab Roller 2-3 sets (6-10 reps)

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