Dr. Zak Gabor

Zak is a 2015 graduate from the Ithaca College DPT program where over his time spent there completed: three years of personal training and earning his CSCS, and was a teaching assistant for gross anatomy and musculoskeletal exam.  Zak saw early on the importance of integrating strength training into current best physical therapy practice.
Zak has spent time mastering his technique in all areas of lifting: hypertrophy, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, and calisthenics in order to better serve his patients and athletes. Zak works out of Boston PT and Wellness in Medford, MA and sees a high density of athletes and weight lifters.
Education is Zak’s deep lying passion, and plans to get back into academia after a few more years strictly in the clinic.  For now, Zak teaches workshops on the weekends on topics from strength and conditioning to rehab concepts.
Zak enjoys writing about how best to integrate strength training into rehab, advocating for growth of the profession, injury reduction, pain science, and most importantly, the beauty of keeping it simple.
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